Happy Mothers Day

I hope all of you that are mothers are able to enjoy your special day with your children. My mother has been gone over 10 years now, and there is rarely a day that I don't miss her. I created this card for my mother-in-law, she loves flowers and wildlife and I thought she would enjoy this image of the hummer and flowers. I used watercolor markers directly on the stamp to create this look. The saying goes for nature as well as my MIL. Enjoy your special day moms.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks Julie. My mom's been gone five years (dad for six), and both their birthdays are in May. So it's always a little melancholy.
All I ask for from my kids is that they let me do a full portrait photo shoot of them. DH brought me some beautiful fresias this morning from the Farmer's Market.

Capescrapper said...

You also Julie~ And that is just a beautiful card!