Ann Arbor Art Fair

I've returned from my mini vacation to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. The fair is always amazing and always very warm, and this year was no exception with 94 degrees and 100% humidity. We did get rained on this year which was a relief from the heat. The art fair is held all over the downtown and UofM campus area and  is the largest outdoor art fair in the country. If you ever have a chance to visit, you definitely should.

This photo is just one section of the art fair. I've taken a few photos with my phone to give you a taste of the fair.

Are you ready for a little eye candy?

Amazing bookmaking going on with this artist.

These are a few of the small pieces of work he does. The larger pieces sell for approximately $1700.

Beautiful collage in ceramic...yum.

It was a wonderful time with my friends. We spent the rest of our time making travel journals for our trip to Greece in September.

Now it's time for me to unpack and get back into the real world. Have a wonderful week!

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Katrina Gelino said...

I am SO jealous that you get to go here every year. Maybe next summer I'll make it there? I'm sure you found some great inspiration..did you buy anything?

Netty said...

Hi Julie, this is remarkable, we don't have anything like this in the UK. Such inspiration and great talents it must have taken you ages and ages to get around and see everything. Brilliant market. Annette x

Connie said...

Great shot of Liberty Street. Where were you?

Thanks for the report on the art fairs, we love all fans :)

Connie Mettler

Katrina Gelino said... haven't posted in a week, are you alive? Very unlike you.