Eye candy for me is often found in simplicity. Lots of white space and just one or two colors and one layer. For those of us that revel in complex design and a lot of color this can be difficult to achieve.
I recent rediscovered this stamp by Purple Onion and decided I would give this a try. The stamp has actually been kissed with a text stamp (Club Scrap), although it is difficult to see.

What I realized when I was finished, is that I don't own a heavy weight, smooth cardstock in white. If you can recommend one, I would appreciate it.

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Katrina Gelino said...

Wow you really hit the nail on the head on this one. A great example of elegant simplicity. And you know I've got a thing for typography

Deb C said...

How smooth are you looking for? Personally, I'm a big fan of steppin' out by Club Scrap. Only the pattern is left, but the back is plain!

It has a bit of tooth to it, so it's not 100% smooth, but it is plenty smooth enough for stamping a good impression, and it is great for watercoloring techniques.