Art Doll #2

I missed my previous doll 'Dreamona' so much, that I had to create a new one for me. She's a little different, a little sad, don't you think? I almost put a tear drop on her cheek, but decided against it. This doll has a home, all glittery and sparkly...which is exactly what she needs to keep her from being melancholy. Maybe she's suffering from the winter doldrums.

Here's a close up of her 'happy house'. The whole piece is 6.5" wide x 12" high.  This was very difficult to photograph. I could use suggestions on how to photograph such bright items.
But she really needs a name..ideas? Thanks for stopping by to take a look.

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Katrina Gelino said...

She is very cute! I would name her Penelope!

Netty said...

Glad you made one for yourself Julie as she is so fab. Have a great weekend. Annette x
PS, Adore your purse