Compendium of Tulips

I never tire of using these tulip stamps from Club Scrap. I had started a project that looked totally different from these, but this is where it ended up. 

COMPENDIUM:  1)a collection, 2) a list of a number of things, 3) a compilation

This first piece is a wall hanging for a PIF (pay it forward) swap. I used Tombow Markers to color the images and Distress Inks were brayered on the backgrounds.

The remainder of the 'compendium' are cards.  I can't wait to see my 200+ tulips this spring. They're there, waiting...just under the snow.

When the sun warms the ground, they'll rise their heads to the warmth of spring....and bloom.


I can't wait for the bloomin' spring! Hope you have a great week.

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Netty said...

Beautiful compendium of tulips...Hurry up Spring. Annette x

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hope to see lots more this....Dawn xoxo