Ivory Tower

There's a free 2 week online class at Creativity Boot Camp. Although I'm starting it a little late...better late than never. I felt I could use the inspiration. The word prompt for the day is 'Ivory'. It took 12 seconds to come up with a theme, which is amazing for me. I apologize for the lousy pic, it is actually part of my bound art journal, which does not lay flat. The journal page is called My Ivory Tower. This is significant to me on many levels. It is about a young girls hopes and dreams, and about my faith. The verse says 'Windows & wings, so I can fly.' If your creativity could use a boost, visit the link above, you might surprise yourself. Thanks for taking a moment to stop by. If you are participating in 'Boot Camp' please leave me a link.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

This is wonderful. I love the background and the flowers and the heart on the tower especially.

nancy y said...

your ivory tower is great - so glad to see you playing along!