The View

This was the view from my front porch this morning. I was hoping there would be a fawn with them, but not today. I love living in the country, it has always been my dream to own a little property. Maybe I'm a throw-back from the '70's. I hope your day offers a beautiful view of God's lovely handiwork.

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Lizzie said...

Oooh, that is a truly wonderful view!
I know I am very lucky, to live in a green and fresh landscape. Here there is less open space though and a constant battle with "the Planners", to prevent our landscape being ruined. Meanwhile, it is summer now and everything is so lovely. There are deer round here, but we don't see them very often. They are too shy and hide too well. We do see lots of lovely birds, bats in the evenings and sometimes an occasional fox. And there are fish in the river.
It's not a bad place to live - not bad at all..

I wish you a faun or two next time!