My Garden - Week 4

This garden is beginning to have a life of its own...a little overwhelming. Remember, I'm a first time vegetable gardener. We've been eating salads and radishes from the garden. Everything that is suppose to flower, has. The green cabbages have 4" heads on them. I guess we're on track. I've read that pollination is problem for some gardeners, with the lack of bees, they are having to hand pollinate. I think I have plenty of bees in my flower garden, so hopefully this won't present a problem here. I found an organic fertilizer recipe on It is 4 PTS seed meal (I'm using cottonseed meal), 1 PT lime, 1 PT Bone Meal and 1/2 PT Kelp Meal. They seem to be enjoying this diet. Who knew veggies needed calcium? What I do know, is that I enjoy picking a salad out of my back yard.

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