How To - Faux Camouflage Technique

A reader had asked that I further explain this technique. I'm unable to provide step-by-step visuals, but will explain as well as possible. I recommend that you start with 2 or 3 different pieces of brown colored card stock. Bleach reacts different on each type of paper. Be sure to protect your surfaces and clothing. Grab a cotton ball and plain old bleach. Dip the cotton ball in the bleach and pounce it around on the paper. If you have a heat gun. apply heat which will make the color change quicker. Again, dip in bleach and pounce in areas that you have not bleached yet and in some of the areas that you have already bleached. Continue to do this until you have a freckling on the paper. If enough bleach is used, the brown will probably turn to orange in some areas. At this point stop. Dry the paper. Then take a pigment ink pad...camouflage colors and color some of the areas. You can use a clean cotton ball, sponge, or use the corner of an ink pad. Blend some of this ink in a circular motion. I used a little forest green, brown and a ocher ink color. Dry the ink. Now take a fine line black ink pen and separate out some of the colors. If you take a close look at my previous post and the example, you will see what I mean. You can also do this on gray, navy, black or any dark colored card stock.

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