Collaborative Collage

In 2008, a group of online friends decided we would collectively work on a large collage piece. The piece would be a full size sheet of watercolor paper, approximately 16x24. We would set the theme of our own piece and make the initial background. The piece would then be sent on to 8 additional participants for them to add to each collage. Likewise, I worked on each of their collage pieces. This is a photo of my original background. A technique found in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine in 2008. I used a variety of scrapbooks papers and created a 'paper quilt'. You then cover the entire piece with several acrylic paint glazes, with the final glaze being a very sheer gold mica color. Kind of rub on...rub off. I chose to go with a Christmas theme. I'm excited to say that after almost 2 years of piece came home. I couldn't be more delighted with the final results. I want to thank everyone that participated in this has truly been a collaborative effort. The actual texture of this feels like a beautiful aged book. Please double-click on the photo to get a more realistic view.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

That's awesome! I"m particularly impressed that it managed to make it home. I guess I've gotten cynical about the success of those types of projects actually working out. It will look so lovely in December!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a long journey...came out beautiful.

Capescrapper said...

Julie, that is a fantastic piece of art and how exciting to see it again after all that time! Beautiful!