Paper Quilt

There was a challenge last month at the Gingersnap Creation site to make a paper quilt and then create art using the paper. If you go to there is a plethora of wonderful quilting patterns. I used the Crystals pattern to create this quilt.
 The paper are from Echo Park. I chose a simple pattern and was glad that I did. For my project, I made color copies of the paper and saved my masterboard.
I signed up for a swap to make pennants for a Christmas banner that will spell JOY. I created the three J's for this project. I decided that a quilt should have a little sewing on it, so I got out my machine and did a little outline sewing on the paper.
This is my finished pennant, that went in the mail this week to my swap partners.
and a close up...
I made a couple variations for my partners and myself. The scraps were used to create a few cards. The first J's I made, were not large enough for this project, but worked great for cards.
I was too late to enter the challenge, but it was a creative blast for me. I've traveled so much this fall, my creative mojo was in a slump. 
Changing subjects here...I've never liked my blogspot background since I've changed it...anyone have any suggestions?

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Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the quilt, and how brilliant to turn it into a master board. I've never changed my blog set up since I started a year ago, so I got nothin' for you on that one, I'm afraid.

Katrina Gelino said...

These are crazy beautiful! And I agree...I don't like your background either, let's change it. I'll do it for you.

Rachelle said...

Gorgeous paper quilt, Julie! And I think our pennants are going to go nicely together. Mine went in the mail this week too.

Katrina Gelino said...

Wow, what a beautiful new blog you have! Must have been an AMAZING designer!

Lynn Stevens said...

ohhh This is gorgeous!!!!
Thanks for entering my giveaway!
hugs Lynn

Cheryl said...

Julie I love your quilt. I also love the fact that I was one of the ones to receive your J. Hope you enjoy the finished product as much as I do.