Deer Widows Weekend

Here in northern Michigan people take their deer hunting season seriously. They even close the school districts for the day...really. My husband and son hunt, and I prefer not to be within hearing distance of gunshot on opening weekend, so I usually make the trek to my girlfriends house in Ann Arbor to avoid the whole situation. This usually transpires into some crafty goodness and this trip was no exception. My friend had a stack of unfinished wood products, trays, frames, boxes and a lovely set of drawers, which she allowed me to play with.
I also covered a tray for the holidays.
It was a wonderful relaxing weekend, thanks Bon. Nothing like spending some time with a friend doing what you love most...playing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

These both look great! Deer hunting is definitely noy something on the agenda here. I remember how shocked I was when I learned it was a holiday in the UAW contract.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, Julie! These are both fantastic. It sounds like a fabulous way to spend opening weekend of Hunting season!

Katrina Gelino said...

Add this to my Christmas List, mmmkay. Thanks.

Netty said...

Beautiful craftings Julie and happy thanksgiving. Annette x

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is absolutely beautiful, Julie!! I love it!! Your sis, Dawn