Spring Daisies

It's about this time every year, when the cold and snow here in Michigan, just about leaves you begging for spring. Last week we had actual daytime temperatures of -14 degrees F. Baby, that is cold, even for us Michiganders. 
I decided to create a little springtime with a few daisies. This is an old stamp from TAC, the daisies  were mono stamped with watercolor markers.  I added a bit of glitter, which you can't see, and put it in the mail to an old friend. 
By the way, I'll be posting my art doll this weekend, by then, it will be in the mail to my swap partner.

Hope you're having a warm and wonderful week!

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nancy y said...

it is pretty warm and wonderful here in my part of California, but we really could use the rain!

Your card is fantastic - love the yellows & browns!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I agree. Beautiful colors.