Poppies (Mixed Media tutorial)

This is the finished piece of the sketch I shared a couple of days ago. I did take progressive photos while I was making this, so I could share a tutorial with you.

I shared the sketch I had started the other day of the flowers. This was done with a graphite pencil on the prepared masonite board. I was looking at a photograph, while trying to draw these.

After I finished the sketch, I decided I wanted to use Ranger Colorwash sprays, instead of paint in the background. Now, how was I going to mask these poppies, because Colorwash sprays are just liquid watercolor? I found some liquid frisket in my drawer and put a thin coat over the poppies using a Q-tip. After the frisket dried, I started spraying colorwash haphazardly.

I stamped a text stamp in the background and smooshed a little gesso with bubble wrap in the areas I thought were too dark. And then I removed the liquid frisket, it just rolls right off when you rub.
 With all the frisket removed, I decided to use acrylics to try and paint the flowers.

I had lost most of the detail, so I went back in and used a charcoal pencil and tried to further accentuate the image. The trick is to use the charcoal, without smearing it.
I rubbed the charcoal a little with my fingers to blend it out. The final piece was coated with a matte finish acrylic spray.

I love the color of this piece, but wish I had done a better job shading the flower to make it look more dimensional. I'm planning to do another flower on the same size board and hang these pieces in my house somewhere.

They just say 'Spring' to me! Thanks for stopping by.

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Capescrapper said...

Wow, Julie this came out completely different than how I would have imagined it would look from the sketch. You captured the beauty of these flowers perfectly and those soft colors are wonderful. Thanks for sharing how you created this lovely work of art. :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow - those are absolutely beautiful! I wonder if stamp board would work the same as masonite.

Wendy Bellino said...

Love the use of stains in the background. I've used frisket in my college art classes, but it has been a looooong time. Beautiful!

Michele said...

Absolutely Beautiful ~ I love it! :)

donna said...

Gorgeous! I love the background and your flower is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love how you did these!!!!xoxo Dawn